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Laura is AMAZING!  She takes a personal approach with her clients and has actually become a friend of mine, as well as a coach.  She doesn’t just start you on a program and let you go on your own, she starts you on a journey and is with you every step of the way.  She will cheer your successes and encourage you when you feel like quitting.  Laura has been on her own incredible weight loss journey, so she can relate to the highs and lows you will experience.  She is a firm believer in taking care of your WHOLE self; body, mind & spirit.  She is truly an inspiration!” ~ Megan

Jen C

I started working out with Jason and was so nervous to start.  It had been so long since I had been in a gym!  Jason is so much more than a trainer – he is knowledgeable, caring and keeps you motivated by encouraging you and helping you believe in yourself again.  He constantly changes the workouts so it is new each time.  He helps with your nutrition and eating and gives you an easy to follow guide to get healthy and back on track without feeling overwhelmed.  My experience with him has been awesome so far and I’m excited to keep continuing.

Laurie K

I have known most of the instructors for many years, and they are all awesome! The classes are great, and they have a variety of options that appeal to all kinds of athletes!

Gina D

Absolutely love Laura’s classes. She is amazing! Her classes are my favorite.

Kristi R

Great instructors and MOSSA classes!

Jacqueline R

I have forever loved Centergy with Laura Shaw. She has such an energizing spirit and her way of being laid back while guiding us through the tracks and movement is unlike any other. She’s always been my favorite instructor. Laura’s style is easy, fun, open and she is always happy to see you. Love this woman.

Maria W

Momentum Fitness is a rare find, owned and managed by Laura Shaw. Laura and all of the instructors truly care about fitness and improving the wellness of all of the members while enjoying life and having fun. The Mossa classes in particular Centergy (for me and the group of ladies I join weekly) truly does reverse the aging process. Centergy helps maintain muscle mass, keeps me limber and helps keep the stress of daily life in perspective. It is truly food for the mind body and soul…I could not say enough about Momentum Fitness.

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